The Baker and the Butcher (7)

Cleaning my room has always taken me hours. It’s my closet that gets me. Every time I find some note, school assignment, or news story1 that brings me back. Though it sidetracks me, I love it. That’s why I want to update my journal daily. I need to start writing again and what better way to start than on a happy note: SPRING BREAK

1: I was a strange child who thought I would turn out to be a writer, an artist, or a lyricist. In third grade a few classmates and I would write page long “news articles” during break, compile our work, and give the finished “newspaper” to our teacher, Ms. VanOverbeck.


It’s Friday, also the start of my spring break. Nothing screams spring break like a little homework, right? I have one day before Lisa2 flies in so I thought I should take advantage of the free time. For my experimental tourism assignment3 I picked 12 travel, which I can explain in a later entry, and I think today will be perfect for it. I set my alarm for 8:00 AM (get up at 9) and my day is off to a great start. The sun’s shining, the birds (not pigeons) are singing, and I’m done with my midterms. I hop out of bed and… to be continued

Here’s a hint of how my day went


2: my aunt. (Mom’s sister)

3: each student in the UW tourism studies class must pick one challenge from a book called Experimental tourism. Each challenge has a different theme. After the activity/challenge is complete the student has to report back to the class about their experience.


It’s Saturday, another beautiful day and I’m giddy because my favorite4 aunt is coming to town. She’s supposed to be in around 4. I need some cereal so I stop in to Conad and buy four boxes of cereal in order to use the full 7-euro coupon. To save a plastic bag, I stuff all the boxes in my purse. For the rest of the day, I plan on applying for summer jobs in Madison.

4: Disclaimer: I love all my aunts.


It’s Sunday, and Lisa got in last night around 11:00 PM due to her plane leaving late from San Diego and complications that followed. She also doesn’t have her luggage yet. So far it’s been a great start to her vacation. Not. Somehow, we still managed to have wine, pizza, and gelato all before we went to bed last night. Miracles I tell you. Anyway, we plan on heading to the Academia and maybe the Uffizi today.


It’s Monday and our last day in Florence before we take off for Croatia. Yesterday, Lisa ended up just buying both museum tickets for next Sunday. I can get in for free with my student card. We also ate at a restaurant called Acqua al 2. It was pretty tasty even though my stomach felt like it was being tortured by the boat of vegetable lasagna I shoved in it. There’s a pretty funny story that goes along with this dining experience. It turns out that Lisa’s luggage is still nowhere to be found, so she’s on day three of the same clothes. The Italian couple sitting next to us starts laughing and looking over their table and down by our feet. Lisa then says that she wishes she had a sign that said, “I lost my luggage” around her neck because she thinks they’re laughing at her tennis shoes. Towards the end of our meal Lisa bends down and picks up an eye-mask for sleeping off the floor next to her feet. We both start laughing for one because we thought it was underwear at first and two because we realize that’s probably what the couple found funny. Today we scheduled a wine tour. It should be a fun time.


It’s Tuesday and hallelujah Lisa’s luggage is waiting at the airport, just in time for us to fly out to Zadar, Croatia. We are flying from Florence to Rome and then to Split. From Split, our host of the apartment that Lisa found on Airbnb is supposed to be picking us up in the car she rented. She tells me it should be sunny in Zadar because the host keeps sending her emails with the greeting of “hello from sunny Croatia”.

FullSizeRender (5) The sign our host held at the airport.


It’s Wednesday and our first day in Croatia. Kruno5 came in this morning with two chocolate croissants for breakfast. They are the freshest, fluffiest, flakiest croissants I’ve ever had. Lisa’s amazed that the chocolate on the inside isn’t hard, but oozes out like pudding. He also gives us a map of old town and marks off everything we should do. Now we are ready to walk across the bridge and explore for ourselves!

5: Our crazy Airbnb host whose house is right above the flat we are staying in for the week. He has his wife, 8-month-old baby girl, and father living with him.


It’s Thursday and time to hit the parks. We planned to visit two national parks while we are here. Today we are going to Plitvice Lakes National Park which Google maps tells us is 1.5 hours

away. We are all packed and headed to the bakery on our way out. We have one bump in the road already . . . we can’t understand the navigation system because it’s in Croatian. Off to the rental car offices.

IMG_2418 IMG_2397


It’s Friday and our last full day here. Yesterday was a blast and I’m ready for another day of nature. No offense to art museums but Plitvice blows any museum out of the water. Now we are on our way to the grocery store to get some snacks and water before driving to Paklenica National Park, which is closer and known to be a good place for rock climbing.

IMG_2449IMG_2435 IMG_2450


It’s Saturday, our last morning. Earlier we tried the cheese pastry the baker, who now knows us well, told us we must try. Needless to say, the chocolate croissant took the gold. Then we walked down to the sea organ and greeting to the sun one last time. Now we have to pack our suitcases in the car and head back to split to catch our flight. Peace6 Kruno.

6: Kruno always gives the peace sign or a high five every time we leave.

7: Both the baker we met in Florence (owner of Forno on Ghibellina) and the butcher we met in Greve on our winery tour were good looking human beings. After talking about it, Lisa thinks I need to start a blog about food in Italy called the Baker and the Butcher.


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